Welcome to the James Bardwell NFA Site.  This site, www.titleii.com/bardwell, is a mirror site of the James Bardwell site.  It is current as of January 17, 2002.  I created this mirror site because of the tremendous value of the information contained within.  I'm going to slowly change the format, layout, and indexing of this information over time, but all of the data will remain.  Please direct questions and comments to danbrew@titleii.com.  James has granted permission for the mirror site to exist.

NFA and other gun law related info and cases

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CLEO signoff lawsuit

bulletAnnouncement and fundraising effort for lawsuit to void CLEO signoff requirement
bullet3/2/99 letter from Jim Jeffries to Dan Shea, regarding legal theory for lawsuit
bullet 6/2000 Letter from J. Jeffries to ATF Re investigation/harassment of John Ross, author of "Unintended Consequences"
bullet Complaint in Lomont et. al v. Summers and Buckles (2000)
bullet Government brief in support of motion to dismiss, Lomont et. al v. Summers and Buckles (2000)
bullet Lomont v. Summers, Response to Motion to Dismiss(2000)
bullet Lomont v. Summers, - F.Supp.2d - (D.D.C. 2001)

What's new

bulletOct 29, 2001
bullet Demko, Thomas A. v. U.S., 216 F.3d 1049 (2000)
bulletJun 11, 2001
bullet State v. McJunkins, - P.3d - (Or.App. 2000) in state cases
bulletApr 29, 2001
bullet U.S. v. Coward - F.Supp.2d - (E.D.Pa. 2001) in other cases
bullet U.S. v. Garnett, - F.3d - (4th Cir. 2001) in other cases
bullet City of Chicago v. ATF, - F.Supp.2d - (N.D.Il. 2001) in other cases
bulletMar 10, 2001
bullet ATF Ruling 2001-1 ending the amnesty for certain shotguns on 5/1/2001(3k) in laws
bullet Lomont v. Summers, - F.Supp.2d - (D.D.C. 2001) in other cases
bullet State v. Darynani, - So.2d - (Fla.4th DCA 2000) in auto knives



nfa_faq.txt(110k) FAQ on NFA Weapons

bullet nfa_faq.html(110k) FAQ on NFA Weapons - An HTML version of the FAQ above - coded by Nick Demos.  Thanks Nick! Tables are much easier to read.
bulletap_ammo.txt(7k) FAQ about law on armor piercing ammo
bulletsemi_auto_faq.txt(54k) Legalities of modifying semi-auto guns
bullet FAQ on Colorado gun laws
bulletPre-81 AR-15 Drop-in Auto Sears FAQ

Law and legal opinions

Supreme Court Cases

bullet Descriptions of the supreme court cases(and links to cases)(30k)
bullet Supreme court cases with no descriptions 43k)

State Court Cases

bullet Descriptions of the state court cases(and links to cases)(76k)
bullet State court cases with no descriptions(11k)

Other Court Cases

bullet Descriptions of various gun court cases (a-t)(and links to cases)(81k)
bullet Descriptions of various gun court cases (u-z)(and links to cases)(181k)
bullet Various gun court cases(a-z) with no descriptions (34k)


bulletDescriptions of the hearings(and links)
bulletLinks to the hearings(no descriptions)

ATF records issues

Documents from the ATF describing "problems" with the Registry maintained by the NFA Branch. And other similar documents.


GAO testimony and Reports of the ATF and other gun issues.

Links to other pages

These links are provided for your convenience.  There presence here is not to be taken as an endorsement, or guarantee as to their truthfulness, honesty, or reliability.

bulletLink to NRA web site
bulletLink to rec.guns faq
bulletHome page for Champion Firearms(on line gun shop)
bulletHome page for Ultimate Weapons Systems
bulletNorth Carolina Shooting and Firearms Info. Page
bulletOlympic Arms, Inc. Gun Store Page
bulletNational Concealed Carry Incorporated (also has links to lots of other gun pages)
bulletCentury International Arms (with pictures of their guns and more...)
bulletLAWLinks (various law info including stuff on the DoJ Weaver report)
bulletColorado Legal Alliance Lots of neat legal stuff (online federal circuit court decisions, laws etc...)
bulletHK factory catalog for military and law enforcement products w/ illistrations
bulletGun Control: A Realistic Assessment. (a review of gun control studies)
bulletATF's Home page...
bulletNorth Ridge International a gun parts place
bulletDuncan Long's Guns & Stuff page
bulletSouth Florida Specialty Firearms
bulletEntreprise Arms
bulletBushmaster Firearms/Quality Parts Co.
bullet Guns and Violence: A Summary of the Field
bulletContemporary Firearms, Inc.
bulletShooters' Gunlinks lots of links to gun related pages
bulletFirearms in Russia (history and laws, in english)
bulletBackyard Balistics Home P age Spud guns and more
bulletPage to take your self out of Lexis-Nexis's P-Trax "personal info for sale" database
bulletrkba.orgInfo on guns and other liberty type issues.
bulletS3 Tactical a gun manufacturer/smith (mostly AK style stuff)
bulletPars International Corp. a firearms (and things) import/dealer
bulletGun Parts Corp.
bulletMWG Co."Accessories for the tactical shooters and novice alike."
bulletLM enterprises Three round burst thingy
bulletMark Kubes' Surplus Firearms, Parts And Accessories(Russian/East Block stuff)
bulletThe Ammo Dump Various things
bulletEcclectic home page of David T. Hardy(various odd legal things...)
bulletRevelation ArmsFirearms and suppressor sales and repair
bulletL&G Weaponry specializes in building, servicing and designing AR-15/M-16 based weapon systems
bulletHollowpoint Firearms Resource links to various firearm pages...(with annoying ad)
bulletGemTech Supressor Manufacturer
bulletF.J. Vollmer Co.Sells Firearms and Gold/Silver Bullion
bulletFront Sight Firearms Training Institute
bulletAWC Systems TechnologySupressor and firearm co.
bulletRKBA.net page on guns and things
bulletSite to send complaints about the IRS, (with comments by Eric Larson.)
bulletGuns AmericaGun related classified ads and links
bulletGun Owners of America a gun rights advocacy group
bullet Link to 1998 ATF report re new assault weapon ban, PDF format
bulletForrest Halford's Gunsmithing Page
bulletFBI's page about the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
bulletSecond Amendment Law Library with articles from various law journals about the 2nd Amendment
bulletImpact Weapon Systems sells NFA weapons and things
bullet Sources on the Second Amendment and Rights to Keep and Bear Arms in State Constitutions By Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School
bullet Hoplological Ergonomics - Forrest D Halford, Gunsmith

Jim Jeffries' Articles


bullet Rebuttal to report recommending gun restrictions prepared on behalf of Contra Costa, Ca. Cty Comm'rs (6/95)(82k)
bullet7/16/96 Proposed Denver, Colo. CCW Permit Issuance Rules
bullet click to down load odd program for windows, gives you a full-auto machine gun and hand granades for windows...
bullet Report of Florida Assault Weapon Commission - 1990(92k)
bullet Report of Florida Assault Weapon Commission - 1990. continuted(23k)
bullet List of stuff up for sale at Group Industries auction 8/95
bulletguns_and_violence.txt Article by Dr. Suter on medical lies used to support gun control
bullet Jones v. Clinton, - F.3d - (8th Cir. 1996)
Our esteemed President, caught with his pants down, and trying to wriggle out. Note all the high brow law school types pimping on his behalf, including "feminist" type law school professors. Guess political hegemony is above allegiance to sex. These same types are the main bankrollers of his re-election campaign.
bullet Key to Finnish language words in lapua7.jpg and lapua8.jpg
bullet How to decode the numbers designating Army manuals
bullet Article by J Bardwell on Australian Owen gun, printed in 4/95 Machine Gun News
bullet Prior crimes of Stockton, CA school shooter, that prompted current AW restrictions.
bullet 6/2000 Letter from J. Jeffries to ATF Re Investigation/harassment of John Ross, author of "Unintended Consequences"
bullet FBI's report on Ruby Ridge, pt1(244k)
bullet FBI's report on Ruby Ridge, pt2(304k)
bullet FBI's report on Ruby Ridge, pt3(254k)
bullet FBI's report on Ruby Ridge, pt4(300k)
bullet FBI's report on Ruby Ridge, pt5(64k)
bullet Article from the NRA BBS on the Federal seige at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.(18k)
bulletqpeg_loc.txt Places to get QPEG, a DOS jpeg viewer.
bulletrules_of_combat.txt What you don't have any sense of humor? :)
bulletJuly 8, 1996 White House press release on program to track guns by computer/NRA press release on same topic
bulletMisc. Clinton White House press releases on gun issues
bulletLink to June 1997 report by the Urban Institute, on the 1994 assault weapon ban, commissioned by the USDOJ to be a study of the effect of the law, as required by Congress as part of the law.
bullet Radio address by the President Saturday, November 7, 1998 - asking ATF to ban private sales of guns
bulletBibliography of gun related publications from Jim Jeffries(170k)