ATF records issues

Documented errors in the NFRTR, and Congressional activity about it
The first six files in this directory are documents provided by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to lawyers representing persons charged with violating 18 USC sec. 922(o) or the NFA (26 USC sec. 5861). It is stuff brought to light by the former head of NFA Branch, Tom Busey, stating during an October 1995 training session that NFA Branch personnel testify the Registry is accurate when they know it is not. The packet includes a transcript of that session, a set of corrections prepared by another NFA Branch official, and other documents pertaining to the accuracy of the Registry.

The next two files contain memos and other documents related to the accuracy of the NFA Registry, but not produced by the government as part the fallout from Mr. Busey's remarks.

Then there are other documents on similar records issues with the ATF.

  1. The transcript of the training session, and a two page correction.
  2. Report of internal investigation into Tom Busey, for suggesting ATF employees commit perjury as to the Registry.
  3. Agenda of 11/94 meeting on improving NFA Registry, and other ATF databases.
  4. 2/96 audit of accuracy of Registry.
  5. 4/91 memo from Wayne Miller concerning case law on Registry inaccuracies.
  6. 1979-80 information following July 1979 Congressional Hearings on ATF, including problems with the Registry.